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Who Doesn't Like to Save Money?

With so many ways to save, we’re pretty sure you’ll qualify for one or more iMingle® discounts. Whether you’re an eco-friendly homeowner, a shuttling soccer mom, or networking young professional, we’ve got you covered at a rate that fits your budget and lifestyle.

So, let's get your quote going and see what you can save.

Free-A-Tree® Discount

Save on your auto insurance and save some trees in the process. Go paperless, sign your documents online and enroll in our EasyPay automatic payment service. Now that's green for green's sake.

Happily Married Discount™

We think happy couples make good drivers and deserve a discount. And for any couples who are less than happy? Perk up – you get the discount, too. Marriages as well as legally recognized civil unions and domestic partnerships also qualify. See what happens when you happily say, 'I do!'

iMingle Network® Discount

Wondering about the iMingle Network® Discount? It's easy! Refer a friend to iMingle and if they purchase a policy and take the Safety Pledge… Bam! You get a 10% discount, they get a 10% discount, then you both high-five. If another friend signs up? Boom! They get the 10% discount and we throw in the next round of high-fives. Learn More

Preferred Payer Discount™

The more you pay up-front on your iMingle auto policy, the more we put back in your pocket. Not surprisingly, you save the most when you pay your policy in full. So, go big and save BIG!

Retro Loyalty Discount™

You and your current auto insurer may go way back, but it could be time to explore your options. If you decide to roll with iMingle, you save just for making the switch. And we'll reward your loyalty based on how long you were with your previous carrier. Shouldn't all relationships start that way?

Safe & Sound® Discount

Have at least two drivers on your policy and one driver over the age of 18?
If so, we'll give you a discount for driving without any chargeable accidents or violations for at least three years, and being continuously insured for at least 12 months. It's our way of saying thanks for your impressively safe driving!

On top of all that…we’ve got all the other discounts that you've come to expect as well…

Airbag Discount

Unless you're a crash dummy, you can get this discount if your vehicle's safety equipment includes airbags.

Anti-Theft Discount

WARNING! Stand back! This discount is only good if your vehicle is equipped with a device that will help prevent theft losses.

Continuous Coverage Discount

Responsibility alert! Savings could be reflected in your rate when you've had continuous auto insurance, even if it was with a different company.

Mature Driver Discount

Get this discount if you are age 55 or older and have recently completed a state-approved accident prevention course. In some states, it's required that you do not have any chargeable accidents or violations as well.

Multi-Car Discount

Got more than one whip in the barn? Insure all your vehicles on the same policy and we'll hook you up with a discount.

Multi-Policy Discount

When you insure your vehicles and your home, condo or apartment with us, you get this discount on both policies. Neat, huh? Learn More

Passive Restraint Discount

Get this discount for vehicles equipped with qualifying passive restraint equipment, such as fancy automatic seatbelts.

This information is a general description of discounts and is not a statement of contract. Discounts may vary by state.

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